MCQs Madhya Pradesh Imp Events and Dynasties 1

1.    Chashtana, the ruler of Ujjain was the ruler of which dynasty ?

  • Shunga Dynasty
  • Aulikar Dynasty
  • Kardamaka Dynasty
  • Satavahana Dynasty

Chashtana, the ruler of Ujjain (Malwa) was the ruler of the Kardamaka dynasty. This dynasty was a branch of Shakas. Chashtana had taken the title of Mahakshtrap.

2.    Who was the most majestic ruler of Kardamak dynasty ?

  • Chashtana
  • Rudradaman
  • Pravarseena
  • Chandpraghot

Rudradaman (130-150 CE.)was the most majestic ruler of Kardamak dynasty and made Ujaini its capital.

3.    From which district of Madhya Pradesh more than 300 coins of Kanishka I, the ruler of the Kushan dynasty, were received ?

  • Ujjain
  • Vidisha
  • Shahdol
  • Harda

In Madhya Praeesh, 324 coins of Kanishka I, the ruler of Kushan dynasty, have been obtained from Shahdol district.

4.    Which ruler’s coins were received from the Treasury of Kushan rulers from Shahdol District of Madhya Pradesh ?

  • Kanishka I
  • Vima Kadphises
  • Vasishka
  • Vasudev I

44 coins of Vima kadphises were received treasury of Kushan rulers from shahdol district of Madhya Pradesh. Vima Kadphises is the ruler issuing purest gold coin in Indian history.

5.    In which district of Madhya Pradesh, the information related to the Satavahana dynasty of ancient India is found ?

  • Ujjaini
  • Vidisha
  • Ujjaini and Vidisha
  • Mandsaur

Presence of the Satavahan dynasty is found in Ujjain and vidisha district of Madhya Pradesh.

6.    Who is famous with the name of Khambbaba Piller ?

  • Heliodorus Pillar
  • Gurjara Pillar
  • Eran Pillar
  • Rupnath Pillar

Heliodorus Pillar (Garuda Pillar)located in Besnagar (Vidisha) is also-Known as Khambbaba pillar. This tells that the Greek ambassador Helidorus had accepted the Bhagwat religion.

7.    Which of the following dynasty is related to Madhya Pradesh ?

  • Chalukya
  • Pratihara
  • Kalchuri
  • Kakatiya

Kokkal I was the founder of Kalchuri dynasty. In Madhya Pradesh, there had been two branches of Kalcurie dynasty – Mahishmati branch and Tripuri Branch.

The Mahishmati branch is very ancient and established its era in 248 BCE. The Tripuri branch was extended from Gomati till Narmada River.

8.    Greek ambassador Heliodorus was the ambasdor of which ruler ?

  • Cellucus
  • Dimachus
  • Antiacidas
  • Noneo of these

The Greek ambassador heliodorus was the ambassador of the Yavanas ruler Antialcidas of Taxila.

9.    Heliodorus came to the court of which dynasty ?

  • Shunga dynasty
  • Heheya (Haihaya) Dynasty
  • Maurya Dynasty
  • Kalchuri Dynasty

Heliodorus came under the rule of the sunga ruler Bhagabadra. He was the ambassador of Antialcidas. He established the Garuda Pillar.

10. Who was the ruler of Vidisha when Heliodorus, the Greek ambassador, came to Besangar (Vidisha)

  • Bhagbhadra
  • Agnimitra
  • Bindusara
  • Parvarsen

When the Greek Ambassdore Heliodorus camt to Besanagar (Vidisha), Bhagbhadra was the rler of satavahana dynasty in Vidisha, in whose senate Heliodorus came.

11. Which dynasty controlled Central India during the third century?

  • Gupta
  • Kushana
  • Satavahana
  • Prakava

During the third century, simuka defeated the ruler of Vidisha, Kanva and made his suzerainty in Central India. The entire history of the Satavahana dynasty is found in coins.

12. In which region of Madhya Pradesh did the Bodhi dynasty ruler during the third century ?

  • Dashpur (Mandsaur)
  • Anoop (Nimar)
  • Tripuri (Jabalpur)
  • Amarkantak (Maikal)

During the third century, Bodhi dynasty ruled Tripuri in Jabalpur region of Madhya Pradesh.

13. Which of the following rulers s not related to Bodhi Dynasty ?

  • Shri Bodhi
  • Chandra Bodhi
  • Shiv Bodhi
  • Vishnu Bodhi

Rulers of the Bodhi dynasty of Tripuri (Jabalpur) were shri Bodhi, Chandra Bodhi, Shiv Bodhia while Vishnu Bodhi has never been the ruler of Bodhi dynasty .

14. What remains as an evidence of the Satvahanas ?

  • Mounds
  • Inscription
  • Coins
  • All of the above

Simuka, the ruler of the Satvahana dynasty, defeated the Vidisha ruler Kanva and established the SAtavahana dynasty. The complete history of this dynasty is revealed by coins.

15. In the Puranas, whose capital is mentioned as Padmavati ?

  • Kushan Dynasty
  • Malraja Dynasty
  • Naga Dynasty
  • Vakataka Dynasty

After the fall of the Kushanas, the rulers of the Naga dynasty emerged. Naga dynasty was established in vidisha. Here the branches of the Naga dynasty were established in Padmavati and Mathura. In Puranas. Padmavati has been described as the capital of ‘Naga Dynasty’.

16. From which of the following did you get coins of Minander ?

  • Balaghat
  • Mandla
  • Jabalpur
  • Rewa

The coins of Minander famous between the Indo-Greek rulers in Madhya Pradesh were found in Balaghat district and in the same period the coins of the Roman country were obtained from Aawra of Mandsaur district.

17. Who was the first ruler of the Magh dynasty of Baghel Khand ?

  • Bhadra Magh
  • Shiva Magh
  • Hari Magh
  • Bhimsen

In the second – Third century, Magh dynasty ruled in Baghel Khand of Madhya Pradesh. The first ruler of the Magh dynasty was Bhimsen.

18. The original place of Vakataka dynasty in Madhya Pradesh was ?

  • Baghel Khand
  • Bundelkhand
  • Malwa
  • Nimar

The originally place of Vakataka dynasty in Madhya Prade4sh was Bundelkhand .

19. From which place in Mandsaur has the inscription been obtained ?

  • Sheetalgarh
  • Mahendragarh
  • Indragarh
  • Deogarh

According to this indargarh inscription. A Shiva temple was built at this place under the rule of Rashtrakuta Pratrap.

20. Who was the founded ruler of Vakataka dynasty in Madhya Pradesh ?

  • Vindhya Shakti
  • Pravarsen I
  • Rudrasen
  • Gautamiputra

In the middle of third century, Vindhya Shakti had established the Vakataka dynasty in Bundelkhand region of Madhya Pradesh. Vindhya Shakti (255-275) is also known as the ruler of Vidisha.

21. Which of these kings made vidisha their capital ?

  • Vikramaditya
  • Pushyamitra Shunga
  • Harshvardhan
  • Bhojpal

Pushyamira Shunga, ruler of Shunga made Vidisha his capital.

22. Bharhut Stupa in Satna district was originally built by whom ?

  • Harsh
  • Raja Bhoj
  • Ashok
  • Dharampal

The four walls of this stupa and Torana door was constructed during the shunga period Similarly, Sanchi Stupa was also built by Ashoka.

23. Who was the most powerful ruler of the Gupta Empire ?

  • Chandra Gupta I
  • Chandra Gupta Ii
  • Samudra Gupta
  • Kumarguupta

The most powerful ruler of the Gupta Empire (280-550BCE) was Samudra Gupta. Samudra Gupta is called the Napoleon of India’ Because of his courage and victories.

24. Whom did Pushyamitra send as the Prince of Vidisha ?

  • Agnimitra
  • Devabhuti
  • Krishnavarman
  • Deodhar

Kalidas composed Malavikagnimitra. Here Agnimitra is the protagonist of the play. According to Malvikagnimitra, Agnimitra fought with Yagyasena, the ruler of Vidarbha and captured a large part of Vidarbha.

25. Gupta ruler Samudra Gupta, during his victory campaign travelled from which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh and then departed towards south ?

  • Sagar, Damoh, Vidisha
  • Jabalpur, Katni
  • Mandla, Balaghat
  • All of these

As a part of his victory campaign, Samudragupta entered Madhya Pradesh from Sagar and proceeded south through Damoh, Vidisha, Jabalpur, Katni, Mandla and Balaghat district.

26. Udaygiri caves were built during whose period ?

  • Gupta Period
  • Shunga Period
  • Maurya period
  • Chandel Period

Udaygiri caves located in Vidishha district have been built in the Gupta period. Apart from this, other archaeological evidences built in Gupta period are Vishnu temples of Tigwa, Shiv temple of Bhumra.

27. Fro[P1] m where the coins of the ruling period of Ram Gupta, the ruler of Gupta were obtained ?

  • Vidisha
  • Ujjain
  • Narsinghpur
  • Hoshangabad

The coins of Ram Gupta, ruler of Gupta have been obtained from Vidisha and Sakore, they were called Kay. In addition, 24 gold currencies have been obtained from Sakore. Out of these 8 coins are of Samudra Gupta’s 15 coins of Chandra Gupta and 1 of Skandgupta.

28. Which place of Madhya Pradesh was accepted by samudra Gupta, the ruler of Gupta Empire, as Swabhog Nagar ?

  • Eran (Sagar)
  • Vidisha
  • Ujjaini
  • Kundalpur (Damoh)

The Gupta ruler, Samudra Gupta accepted Eran as ‘Swabhog Nagar’ Located in Sagar district of Madhya Pradesh.

29. What was the name of ruler of Vidisha who was defeated by Samudra Gupta during his conquests ?

  • Vindhya Shakti
  • Agnimitra
  • Sridharvarman
  • Pravarsena I

During his conquest, Samudra Gupta defeated the Saka ruler, Sridharvarman of Vidisha.

30. Where is the first evidence of Sati practice found in India ?

  • Kanipura (Guna)
  • Eran (Sagar)
  • Besnagar (Vidisha)
  • Bharhut (Satna)

In Eran in sagar district of Madhya Pradesh, there is evidence of Sati practice, from which we get information about a widow who immolated herself on her deceased husband’s pyre and called as ‘Sati’ This is the first evidence of Sati practice in India.

31. Which ruler of Gupta dynasty held the title of Vikramaditya ?

  • Chandra Gupta I
  • Chandtra Gupta II
  • Kumar Gupta
  • Ram Gupta

Chandra Gupta II, the ruler of the also ruled of the Gupta dynasty held the title of Vikramaditya. He has also ruled over Ujjaini. Chandragupta II also held the title of ‘Shakari’.

32. Pushyamitra, the Shunga ruler, made his son Agnimitra the ruler of which region ?

  • Vidisha
  • Ujjaini
  • Satna
  • Mahishmati

The description of the rulers of the Shunga dynasty is found in Kalidas’s book Malvikaagnimitra. IN which Agnimitra was appointed as the ruler of Vidisha.

33. At which place in Madhya Pradesh is the Buddha Gupta Pillar related to the Gupta Empire located ?

  • Bharhut (Satna)
  • Kapithala (Ujjain)
  • Eran (Sagar)
  • Besnagar (Vidisha)

In Eran (Sagar)of Madhya Pradesh, a Budhha Gupta pillar related to Gupta empire is established.

34. From where the coins of the region of the Gupta ruler Ram Gupta were obtained ?

  • Vidisha
  • Ujjain
  • Narsinghpur
  • Hoshangabad

The evidence (Coins) of the region of Gupta ruler Ram Gupta was obtained from Vidisha and Eran

35. In which inscription of Madhya Pradesh, the Gupta dynasty has been called as Ghatotkacha dynasty ?

  • Tumain
  • Eran
  • Supiya (Rewa)
  • None of these

The Gupta dynasty is said to be the Gatotkacha dynasty in the supiya inscription (Skanda Gupta) of Madhya Pradesh.

36. Which inscription mentions the construction of the sun Temple ?

  • Mandsaur (Dashpur)
  • Udaygiri
  • Sanchi
  • Eran

The Mandsaur inscription of the region of Gupta Emperor, Kumar Gupta II was found, which is located in western Malwa. He built a sun temple in Dashpur. This inscription is engraved in the literary Sanskrit language.

37. Which dynasty kingdom is called ‘Golden Age of Architecture’ In ancient Indian history.

  • Maurya period
  • Shunga Period
  • Gupta Period
  • None of the above.

In ancient Indian history, the Gupta period is called the golden period of architecture and architecture, because at this time, excellent work related to music and architecture has been done.

38. Which of the following ruler is related to the inscription which were received from Eran ?

  • Samudra Gupta
  • Mahendra Gupta
  • Kumar Gupta
  • Kirtivarman

In this fragmentary inscription, this city located in Eran region has been called as ‘Swabhog-Nagar’ and the inscription is related to kumar Gupta.

39. Whose reign and records have been obtained from Udaygiri cave ?

  • Vasudev – I
  • Chandra Gupta – II
  • Vikramaditya
  • Digvijay

In this inscription, there is mention about donation given by some sanakanika Maharaj, a fedutory of Chandra Gupta.

40. Who was the successor of Kumar Gupta – I ?

  • Vishnu Gupta
  • Skanda Gupta
  • Dev Gupta
  • Mahipal

Skand Gupta , during his reign, appointed rulers in different provinces, some of which have been directly related to the history of Madhya Pradesh.

41. Which of the following temple in Madhya Pradesh has not been constructed in Gupta period ?

  • Parvati Temple of Nachna – Kuthara
  • Shiva Temple of Bhumra
  • Vishnu Temple of Tigawa
  • Chausath Yogini Temple of Bhedaghat

Parvati temple of Nachna-Kuthara in Panna district, Shiva temple of Bhumara in Satna district and Vishnu temple of Tigawa in Katni district all are the temples of Gupta period, whereas the Chaushath Yogini Temple of Bhedaghat of Jabalpur was built by the Kalchuri rulers.

42. Which dynasty rulers got the construction done of the world famous caves of Udaygiry and temple of tigawa ?

  • Gupta Dynasty
  • Shunga Dynasty
  • Parmar Dynasty
  • Kushan Dynasty

The world famous caves of Udaygiri, Vidisha and Tigawa temples (Jabalpur) were built the rulers of Gupta Dynasty.

43. Arunu Sonakia, Archaeologist of Madhya Pradesh had discovered the human fossil ‘Australopithecus nermandis’ at which place of Madhya Pradesh in 1982 ?

  • Navadatoli
  • Hathnora
  • Kasrawad
  • Indragarh

In 1982, the Archaeologist Arun Sonakiya ji discovered  the human fossil Arustralopithecus nemendis at a place named Hathnora on the banks of river Narmada in Hoshangabad district.

44. The record of Madhya Pradesh in which Kumar Gupta, the Gupta ruler, is described as ‘Autumn Sun’ ?

  • Tumain inscription
  • Eran inscription
  • Dashpur inscription
  • Besnagar inscription

In the tumain inscription located near chanderi in Ashok Nagar district in Madhya Pradesh, the Gupta ruler, Kumar Gupta has been described as an autumn sun.

45. In which inscription of Madhya Pradesh Gupta dynasty has been called as Ghatotkacha dynasty ?

  • Tumain
  • Eran
  • Supiya (Rewa)
  • None of these.

The Gupta dynasty is said to be the Ghatotkacha dynasty in the supiya inscription (Skandgupta) of Madhya Pradesh.

46. The Buddhist traveler Hiuen Tsang visited the major cities of Madhya Pradesh. He was a traveler from ?

  • Persina
  • Arabic
  • China
  • American

The Buddhist travelere Hiuen Tsang had traveled to many cities of Madhya Pradesh. Hiuen Tsang  was a Chinese traveler and came to India in the 7th century under Harshvardhan period.

47. Prabhavati, the daughter of Gupta Emperor Chandra Gupta II, was married to the ruler of the Vakataka dynasty. What was his name ?

  • Rudrasena I
  • Rudrasena Ii
  • Pravarsena
  • Vindhya Shakti

Prabhavati, daughter of Gupta Emperor Chandragupta II, was married to Rudrasen II, son of Rudrasena I, ruler of the Vakataka dynasty.

48. Which of the following Gupta rulers succeeded in defeating Hunas ?

  • Kumar Gupta
  • Skanda Gupta
  • Samudra Gupta
  • Chandra Gupta I

Kumar Gupta ruler Skanda gupta was successful in defeating the Hunas. ‘

49. From where the records of Chandra Gupta Ii were obtained ?

  • Malwa
  • Bundelkhand
  • Baghel Khand
  • Nimar

The records of the region of Chandra Gupta II have been obtained from Eastern Malwa Apart from this, records of Gupta period of Madhya Pradesh have been received from Mandsaur, Udaygiri Sanchi, Tumain, Eran.

50. In which period the Bagh caves in Madhya Pradesh were built ?

  • Maurya Period
  • Shunga Period
  • Gupta Period
  • None of the above

Bagh caves located in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh were built in the Gupta period between the third and fifth century – Tiger caves are considered equivalent to Ajanta caves.

51. Information about which dynasty of Madhya Pradesh is found from the Dashpur  (Mandsaur) Inscription ?

  • Maukhari Dynasty
  • Parmar Dynasty
  • Kardamaka Dynasty
  • Aulikar Dynasty

The Dashpur (Mandsaur) inscription gives information about the Aulikar dynasty, the major dynasty of Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. This dynasty was ruled in the fourth-fifth century.

52. In which of the following places did Pushyamitra Shunga, the mighty ruler of the Shunga rule ?

  • Bhojpal
  • Rajgarh
  • Vidisha
  • Ujjaini

Pushyamitra Shunga, the majestic King of the Shunga dynast, made Vidisha his capital. Pushya Mitra Shunga used to be a commander in Maurya Empire, who established the kingdom Shunga dynasty by killing maruyan emperor, Brihadratha.

53. Which dynasty ruled the Dashpur region of Madhya Pradesh ?

  • Aulikar Dynasty
  • Parivrajaka Dynasty
  • Rashtrakuta Dynasty
  • Naga Dynasty

The branch of the Aulikars of Malwa established its kingdom Dashpur as its capital. The first ruler of this dynasty was Naravarman who was a contemporary of Chandra Gupta II.

54. Who was the most powerful ruler of the Aulikar dynasty ?

  • Yashovarman
  • Yashodharman
  • Harivarman
  • Harshvardha

The most powerful ruler of Aulikar dynasty was yashodharman, whereas yashovarman was the ruler of Aulikar Dynasty.

55. Who was the first ruler of the Aulikar Dynasty of Western malwa (Dashpur) ?

  • Yahodharman
  • Jayvarman
  • Singhvarman
  • Narvarman

The first founder ruler of Aulikar dynasty of western malwa (Dashpur) was jayvarman. The order of the rulers of the Aulikar dynasty is Jayavarman, Singhvarman, Narvarman, Prakash-Dharman, Yashodharman.

56. ……Had conquered Malwa in the second century ?

  • Gautamiputra Satakarni
  • Pushyamitra Shunga
  • Banbatta
  • Rashtrakuta

The most powerfull ruler of Satavahana dynasty, Satkarni I , had taken possession of western Malwa and Anoop. The inscriptions of Poona ans Nashik of gautami Balshree, thte mother of Gautamiputra Satakarni, mention Anoop and Victory over Avanti.

57. Who was the successor of Pravarsena – II ?

  • Vipalav Sena
  • Virendra Sena
  • Sukumar Sena
  • Narendra Sena

Narendra Sena ascended the throne around 450. Not a single article reletet to him has been found so far, however, it is mentioned in the copperplate of his son Prithvishena II from Balaghat.

58. The King of Malwa who defeated Hunas was ?

  • Yashodharman
  • Scindia
  • Bajirao
  • Gopal Verma

The King of Malwa who defeated Hunas was Yashodharman.

59. Where did Pandu (Pandava) dynasty ruled in Madhya Pradesh ?

  • Anoop (Nimar)
  • Panchmarhi (Hoshangabad)
  • Amarkantak (Maikal)
  • Chitrakoot (Vindhya region)

In ancient times, Pandu (pandava)) dynasty has ruled over Amarkantak (Maikal) region in Madhya Pradesh. Which were under the Gupta Empire. Thee rulers of the Pndavas dynasty were Jaibal Bharatabal and Vastaraj.

60. Detect the wrong pair

  • Yashodharman – Malwa
  • Chandel – Bundelkhand
  • Tomar – Mandu
  • Ujjain – Shaka

Ujjain – Shaka is the wrong choice among the given questions. Gupta rulers over Ujjain and the right of Shaka was over most of the parts of India. The Gupta dynasty was founded by Shri Gupta.

61. Naga Dynasty ruled over which region of Madhya Pradesh ?

  • Katni (Nimar)
  • Padmavati (Gwalior)
  • Kutwara (Morena)
  • All of the above.

The rule of Naga dynasty rulers in Madhya Pradesh has been in Padmavati (Gwalior) and Kutwar (Morena) and in Katni (Nimar)

62. Who was the founder of Naga Dynasty in Madhya Pradesh ?’

  • Vrish naga
  • Bhima naga
  • Mouneya
  • Purukutsa

The founder of Naga dynasty was Vrish naga, who founded the Naga dynasty in Vidisha at the end of the second century – then later becomes the powerful ruler of Katni (Nimar)

63. Which ruler of Naga dynasty shifted the capital Naga dynasty from Vidisha to Padmapur ?

  • Bhima Naga
  • Vrish Naga
  • Vishnu Naga
  • Shiva Naga

Bhim Naga, the son of Vrish naga, the founder of Naga Dynast, Shifted his capital from vidisha to padmapur (Pavaya, Gwalior) due to fear of Mahishmati, the ruler of the Haihaya dynasty.

64. Malati, the heroin in play Malatimadhyavam of Sanskrit Dramatist, Bhavbhuti’s was princess of which state ?

  • Padamapur
  • Alkapur
  • Avantika
  • Kundapur

Malati, the heroine of Sanskrit playwright Bhabhuti’s play Malatimadhyvam  was the princess of th state Padampur (Pawaya, Gwalior) of Naga dynasty. In this play, the love affairs of Malati and her childhood friend, Madhava is described.

65. The Prinas River mentioned in Megasthenes’s book ‘Indica’ is the name of which river of Madhya Pradesh ?

  • Betwa
  • Tons
  • Ken
  • Dhasaan

River Tons is mentioned as the river prinas in the book Indica of the greek ambassador Megasthenes.

66. Which terminology mentioned by the geographer Ptolemy is not well matched ?

  • Ouindion            – Vindhya Pradesh
  • Nangouna          – Tapti river
  • Sowa       – Sone River
  • Dosaroan            – Dashpur

The geographer Ptolemy mentions the Vindhya regin as Ouindion, the tapti river as Nanagouna and the sone river as Sona, while Dhasan river as Dosaroan.

67. Chinese traveler Hiuen Trsang (629-645) visited which place of Madhya Pradesh during his visit to India ?

  • Ujjain (Oo-she-ye-na)
  • Khajuraho (Chi-Chi-Toe)
  • Maheshwarpur (Mo-hi-ssu-fa-lo-pu-lo)
  • All of the above.

Chinese travelere Hiuen Tsang traveled to Ujjain, Maheshwar, Vidisha, Mandu, Khajurao cities of Madhya Pradesh.

68. Which king of the Maitraka dynasty of Vallabhi established his empire over western Malwa in the sixth century ?

  • Udayaditya
  • Vikramaditya
  • Shiladitya
  • Baladitya

It is known from the Nogava’s copperplate (District-Ratlam) that shiladitya, the ruler of the Maitraka dynasty of Vallabhi, established his empire in western Malwa in 588.

69. Who was the founder of Maukhari dynasty ?

  • Hari Verma
  • Aditya Verma
  • Ishwara Verma
  • Sharva Verma

After the fall of the Gupta Empire, the power of the Maukhari dynasty was established in the middle of the sixth century by Hari Verma, whose capital was kannauj.

70. Which ruler of Maukhari dynasty ruled in the eastern Nimar region of Madhya Pradesh ?

  • Hari Verma
  • Surya Verma
  • Ishwar Verma
  • Sharv Verma

According to the copper seal obtains from the fort of Asirgarh in East Nimar (Burhanpur) district of Madhya Pradesh. Eastern Nimar regions has been ruled by Sharv Verma, ruler Maukhari dynasty.

71. Prabhakarvardhan (ruler of Malwa), The ruler of Pushyabhuti dynasty, married his daughter Rajyashree ot which ruler of Maukhari dynasty ?

  • Dev Verma
  • Gharha Verma
  • Avanti Verma
  • Sharva Verma

Prabhakarvardhan the ruler of the Pushyabhuti dynasty, married his daughter Rajyashree to the Griha Verma, the ruler of the Maukhari dynasty.

72. Which ruler of the Maukhari dynasty was assassinated by the Malwa ruler by Devagupta with the Gaud king Shashank ?

  • Avanti Verma
  • Graha Verma
  • Aditya Verma
  • Ishwar Verma

The ruler of Malwa, Devgupta along with the gaud ruler shanshank killed the Maukhari ruler Graha Verma and imprisoned his wife Rajyashree.

73. Which ruler of the Pushyabhuti dynasty of Kannauj ruled the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh?

  • Prabhakarvardhan
  • Rajyavardhan
  • Harshvardhan
  • All of these above

Prabhakarvardhan, Rajyavardhan and Harshvardhan rulers of Pushyabhuti dynasty of Kannauj ruled Malwa directly and indirectly.

74. Which region of Madhya Pradesh was ruled by the Shaila dynasty during the 8th Century ?

  • Bhagelkhand
  • Bundelkhand
  • Mahakoushal (Mahakaushal)
  • Malwa

During the 8th century, the shail dynasty was founded by shrivardhan in the mahakaushal (Mahakaushal) region of Madhya Pradesh.

75. What was the original place  of the kalchuri rulers ?

  • Mahismati
  • Tripuri
  • Dashpur
  • Vindhya Pradesh

The original place of rulers of Kalchuri dynasty was Mahishmati (Maheswar) Kalchuri ruler Krishnaraj Shankargan and Buddraj ruled in Mahishmati before weventh century.

76. Who defeated Budhraj, The kalchuri ruler of Mahishmati, and foced him to flee from Mahishmati ?

  • Chalukya ruler Manglesh
  • Chalukya ruler Bhima I
  • Chalukya ruler Pulkeshin
  • Chalukya ruler Mulraj

The Chalukya ruler of Badami, Manglesh, defeated the Kalchuri ruler of Mahishmati Buddharaj and forced him to flee from Mahishmati.

77. King Mahishmat established Mahishmati (Maheshwar) on the banks of the Narmada. He was the ruler of which dynasty ?

  • Gurjar Dynasty
  • Haihay Dynasty
  • Ikshvaku Dynasty
  • Yadu Dynasty

King Mahishmat, who belonged to the ‘Haihay dynasty’ established Mahishmati on the banks of the Narmada. Mahishmati is currently famous as Maheshwar in Khargone district. Kirtavirya Arjuna was the majestic king of the dynasty.

78. Who was the founder of Kalchuri dynasty of Tripuri ?

  • Kokalla
  • Yuvraj
  • Gangeyadeve
  • Karnadev

The founder of the Kalchuri dynasty of Tripuri was Kokalla who established the kalchuri dynasty at Tripuri (Jabalpur) in the eithth-ninth century.

79. Which title was held by Kalchuri rulers of Tripuri ?

  • Prambharttarka
  • Maharajadhiraja
  • Parmeshwara
  • All of the above

The Kalchuri rulers of Tripuri held the title held the title of Parambhattaraka Maharajadhiraja and Parameshwara.

80. The capital of the Kalchuri was Tripuri (Jabalpur), who was the founder ruler of this dynasty ?

  • Lakshmanraj
  • Karnadev
  • Kokalla
  • Gangeyadeva

In the Vilahari edict about Kokalla, the founder ruler of the Kalchuri dynasty, It is written that after conquering the whole earth, he established Krishnaraj in the south and Bhoj in the north as his two pillar of victory.

81. Which ruler of Kalchuri dynasty is called ‘Ujjaiyini Bhujang’ ?

  • Yuvrajdeva
  • Shankaragan – I
  • Gangeya deva
  • Karnadev

Yuvarajdeva, the ruler of the Kalchuri dynasty, is called ‘Ujjaini Bhujang’ due to repeated attacks on the capital of Malwa, Ujjaini.

82. Which ruler of Kalchuri-Chedi dynasty has been called Ujjaini Bhujang ?

  • Kokalla
  • Yovraj I
  • Gangeydeva
  • Karndev

In Rajeshewar s creation Viddhashala – Bhanjika, the ruler of Kalchuri – Chedi dynasty. Yuvraj I has been called “Ujjaini Bhujang”.

83. Who built the famous temple of Gaurishankar Mahadev in Bhedaghat ?

  • Chandel
  • Parmar
  • Kalchuri
  • Chola

The Famous temple of Gaurishangkar Mahadev at Bhedaghat was built by the kalchuri rulers of Tripuri.

84. The famous Sanskrit poet and playwright Rajsekhar received the royalty of which ruler of kalchuri dynasty ?

  • Kokalla
  • Shankaragan II
  • Yuvrajdeva
  • Gangeyadeva

In the royal court of Kalchuri ruler Yuvrajdeva, the famous Sanskrit poet and playwright Rajashekhar received royality.

85. Which ruler of Kalchuri dynasty was defeated by Bhoj Parmar ruler of malwa ?

  • Yuvrajdeva
  • Kokalla
  • Karnadev
  • Yash Karna

The Bhoj Parmar, the ruler of Malwa, had defeated the Kalchuri ruler Gangeyadeva due to the invasion of Malwa.

86. The most powerful ruler of the kalchuri dynasty was ?

  • Yuvrajdeva
  • Kokalla
  • Karnadev
  • Gangeyadeva

The most powerful ruler of the kalchuri dynasty was karnadeva, who conquered Malwa and Bengal.

87. Maharaj Shiladitya of Maitrak dynasty was the ruler of which place ?

  • Kashi
  • Raipur
  • Khajuraho
  • Vallabhi

Shiladitya had expanded his kingdom till Malwa. His reign lasted till 612, he was succeeded by his younger brother khargraha.

88. Which great ruler of Indian history is called Hindu Napoleon ?

  • Samudra Gupta
  • Kanishka
  • Pushyamitra Shunga
  • Karnadev

In Indian history, Kalchuri ruler Karndev is called Hindu Napoleon because of his great Victories, while gupta ruler Samudra Gupta is called “Napoleon of India”.

89. In the 11th century, which ruler was involved in a threesome union formed to defeat King Bhoj, the ruler of Malwa ?

  • Kalchuri ruler Karnadev
  • Chalukya ruler Bhima-I
  • Chalukya ruler of Kalyani, Someshwar Lat
  • All of the above.

90. Who constructe Chausath Yogini Temple at Jabalpur (Bhedaghat) ?

  • Karnadev
  • Yash Karan
  • Gayaakarna
  • Queen Alhandevi

The chausath Yogini temple of Bhedaghat on the banks of Narmada River in Jabalpur was built by Queen Alhandevi of Kalchuri ruler Gayaankarna.

91. How many Goddess statues are installed in Chausath Yogini temple in Jabalpur ?

  • 64
  • 56
  • 81
  • 108

Idols of total 81 goddesses are installed in the chausath Yogini temple at Jabalpur (Bhedaghat).

92. Who built the Tripurasundari Temple at Jabalpur ?

  • Gayaakarna
  • Karnadeva
  • Vijaydeva
  • Gangeyadeva

The Tripurasundari temple at Jabalpur at Jabalpur was built by Karnadeva. The ruler of the kalchuri dynasty.

93. Who established the kalchuri dynasty of Tripuri ?

  • Yashodharman
  • Vamraj
  • Lakshmandeva
  • Dhangdeva

The tripuri branch of the kalchuri dynasty was founded by vamraj and the mahishmati branch was established by Kokkal.

94. Which religion was mainly believed by the ruler of karlchuri dynasty of Tripuri ?

  • Shaivism
  • Vaishnavism
  • Shaktism
  • Jainsm

The ruler of the kalchuri dynasty of Tripuri predominantly used to believes in Shaivism.

95. Who was the ruler of the kalchuri dynasty of Tripuri ?

  • Yash Karna
  • Gayankarna
  • Vijaydeva
  • Vikrmadeva

Vijaydeva was the last ruler of the Kalchuri dynasty of Tripuri.

96. In 1212, who was defeated by Chandel ruler Trailokyavarman ?

  • Yash Krna
  • Gayaakarna
  • Vijaydeva
  • None of the above.

Chandel ruler Trilokyavarman defeated Kalchuri ruler Vijaydeva and took Kalchuri Kingdom under him.

97. Which of the following temples has not been built by the kalchuri rulers ?

  • Virateshwar Temple (Sohagpur)
  • Gaurishankar Temple (Jabalpur)
  • Badrinarayan Temple (Amarkantak)
  • Maheshwar Temple (Maheshwar)

The kalchuri ruler built the Virateshwawr temple in Sohagpur, the Gaurishankar temple in Jabalpur and the Badrinarayan Temple in Amarkantak, while the Maheshwar temple in Maheshwar was built by Mahishmati, the ruler of the Haihaya dynasty.

98. In which district is the place named Tripuri located ?

  • Jabalpur
  • Katni
  • Mandla
  • Seoni

The capital of Kalchuri dynasty Tripuri is presently located in Jabalpur district. The session of the Indian National congress was held here in the year 1939.

99. What is the main source of information of Parmar dynasty of Malwa ?

  • Udaipur commendation edict
  • Dashpur records inscription
  • Eran records inscription
  • Dhar records inscription

The major sources of information about the parmar dynasty of Malwa is the Udaipur commendation edict. Which has been received from Vidisha district.

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