MAINS Answer Writing 9 July

3 Markers

1.1 Chedi Mahajanapada 

  • One of the 16 Mahajanapadas whose capital was Suktimati. 
  • Region- Bundelkhand division of Madhya Pradesh regions to the south of river Yamuna along the river Ken. Its capital city was called Suktimati in Sanskrit and Sotthivati-nagara in Pali.
  • According to the Mahabharata, the Chedi Kingdom was ruled by Shishupala, an ally of Jarasandha of Magadha and Duryodhana of Kuru. Ruler – Shishupala was killed by Shri Krishna. 
Chedi Mahajanpada

1.2 Name the Tripitakas

Compilation of Buddhist teachings

  • Vinayapitaka – Collection of rules  
  • Sutta Pitaka – Collection of sermons  
  • Abhidhamma Pitaka – Collection of philosophical principles  

1.3 Anant Chatustya

According to Jainism, the soul who possesses Anant-Chatushtaya (infinite four-fold power) it becomes Parmatman (God).

Chatustya- Four Qualities are

  1. Anant Drashan (infinite seeing)
  2. Anant Jnana (infinite knowledge)
  3. Anant Sukha (infinite happiness)
  4. Anant Virya (infinite power)

1.4 What are Vedangas?

The Vedangas give insights into the meters, structure, language and meaning of the Vedas, as well as helping to understand other post-Vedic texts and aspects of Hindu and yogic philosophy.

  • Shiksha – The study of Phonology, Phonetics and Pronunciation. 
  • Kalpa – The scriptures of the law and order of Vedic sacrifices, Ritual instruction. 
  • Vyakarana – The analysis of words and Linguistics, its  main text is Ashtadhyayi. (Panini)
  • Nirukta – The study of Etymology , explaining the meaning of words. 
  • Chhandas – study of Prosody, whoch is live Verses and Poetic Matter 
  • Jyotish – study of auspicious times and Muhurta etc. for rituals 
Vedic Literature

1.5 Forts of Mandu

  • Jahaz Mahal – Ghiyasuddin Khilji 
  • Hindola mahal – Hoshang Shah 
  • Rani Roopmati Mahal – Baz Bahadur
  • Bazbahadur Mahal – Baz Bahadur
Jahaz Mahal
Rani Roopmati Mahal
Hindola Mahal

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