MAINS Answer Writing 7 July

03 Markers


  • It was discovered by RS Bisht.
  • An important Indus-Valley civilization archaeological site
  • Situated in Fatehabad, Haryana

Panini’s Astha Dhyayi

  • Panini is known for his “Astadhyayi”, Sutra-Style treaties on Sanskrit Grammar,
  • Consists of 3,959 verses of sutras in 8 chapters.


  • Rathamusala was the blade chariot and was invented by Ajat Shatru who was the king of the Haryanka Dynasty of Magadha in East India.


  • They were originally to be the feudatories of western Chalukyas of Vatapi.
  • They ruled in southern part of India
  • Dantidurga was their founder.

Kokkala – I

  • Kokkala- I was the first powerful ruler of the Kalchuris of Tripuri
  • Also known as Kalchuris of Chedi who ruled in central India during the 7th to 13th centuries.

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